AppStrawBrandies Distillery Very Special Raisin Brandy 375ml




This is the best raisin Brandy ever made in New England USA that can compete with the best grape brandy in the world. We steam the raisin to make raisin juice. We use an extremely pure wine yeast culture to ferment the raisin juice. After fermentation is complete, the raisin wine is distilled 5 times by the temperature controlled electric pot still. Only the very central heart portion of high proof raisin spirit distillate is collected and stored in French Limousine oak barrels for three years before being filtered and bottled. The final raisin brandy is a dark amber brandy with a remarkably strong natural aroma of raisin and vanilla taste.
Category Flavored Brandy
Country United States
Region Connecticut
Brand AppStrawBrandies Distillery